Alex Gabbard

Award winning author, photographer, poet & traveler

Life Behind the Potted Plant & Sprouts From the Potted Plant

Miz M, a teacher for four decades, artist, musician, vocalist, wife - and especially - mother, has always been a wonderful influence on everyone around her. Here she recalls her life and times as a talented, soft spoken southern Appalachian hill country lady who tells of her world as seen from a lifetime of piano and organ keyboards, all from behind untold numbers of potted plants.

" listening to a grandmother's stories around a warm, winter's fireplace." - reviewer

ISBN: 0-966608-6-X
Trade paperback, 240 pages





Miz M's second book is filled with stories and insight, humor and wit, about life as she has known it. At eight-five and "a southern matriarch," Miz M tells it like it was in 41 stories of her rural home life, her people, and those unforgetable characters from memory lane. Illustrated mostly with her own artwork, this companion to Life Behind the Potted Plant makes another contribution to life in the hill country from northwestern North Carolina across the Appalachians to the eastern Kentucky hills.

ISBN: 0-9622608-8-6
Trade paperback, 136 pages