Alex Gabbard

Award winning author, photographer, poet & traveler

INDY'a Wild Decade & NASCAR's Wild Years



In racing, the need is for speed, and invention and innovation are the keys to going faster and beating the competition. Nowhere is this more true than at the Indy 500. The early years saw rapid advancement of engines and chassis design, culminating in Harry Miller's cars and engines that dominated the '20s. In the '30s, the Great Depression hit racing budgets hard; Indy produced the "Junk Formula," and racers responded with a dizzying array of low-buck, home-brew entries. The '40s and '50s saw the rise of the Miller derived Offy-powered roadsters and oddities faded from the scene. Then in the '60s, all hell broke loose, with one revolution after another racing around the 2.5-mile Brickyard. The tiny Grand Prix Cooper-Climax of '61 started the big one, and Ford Motor Company took up the challenge with stock block engines in Colin Chapman's fly-weight, rear engine, GP derived Lotus cars driven by Jim Clark and Dan Gurney, and within the decade, everything about Indy cars changed. This book traces it all.

ISBN: 1-88408-971-2
Casebound with dust jacket, 191 pages with index, lavishly illustrated, over 70 years of Indy racing. $39.95

This new book traces the technical development of the stock car through the post-war rise from home town dirt track racing through introduction of super-speedways and the factory wars of the 1960s. Rapid advances in cubic inches, horsepower, challenging asphalt tracks and indominable drivers advanced stock car racing from the home brew sport of the 1950s when initial factory involvement during mid-decade grew into all-out showroom war year-to-year as new models featured more powerful engines and broader performance equipment available to any buyer. Increasingly radical designs during the 1960s focused factory battles for supremacy detailed in extensive text covering each year and over two hundred photos.

ISBN: 1-932494-09-X   No Longer Available
Casebound with dust jacket, 191 pages with index, lavishly illustrated. $39.95