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The White Rose tragedy. Based on the epic tragedy of Hans and Sophie Scholl, children of Germany's Republic, who grew up in the picturesque town of Forchtenberg to form the Resistance of the White Rose among students at the University of Munich to oppose the Nazi stranglehold on Germany. This book tells their "heroic struggle" against tyranny and destruction of their Fatherland as told by a fictional childhood friend who relates the horrors that Hitler imposed on young lives.

Beautifully casebound.

"...very highly recommended reading from cover to cover." The Midwest Book Review.

"...highlights Gabbard's skill, that he can portray 'foredoomed' characters so convincingly..." The Freedom Network.

"Freedom Book of the Month... One work of fiction or non-fiction that we judge to be the most valuable, interesting new contribution to the literature of liberty."

"The parallels to American society today are chilling. 'Blood of the Roses' deserves to be widely read solely on the basis of its wonderful presentation of an inspiring story of freedom." Freedom Book of the Month.

"...gave me nightmares..." Reviewer

The "roses" are the children of Forchtenberg who ran through the gate shown on the cover to play in the nearby Kocher River, unaware of the rapid changes in politics soon to surround and entangle them. While re-enacting the destruction of their town's Dürner Castle, long since a ruin, they unknowingly foretold their fate and the destruction of Germany.

ISBN: 0-9622608-7-8
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248 pages
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