Alex Gabbard

Award winning author, photographer, poet & traveler

Adventures of an H-Bomb Mechanic

"Adventures of an H-bomb Mechanic" is the real-life story of a country boy whose transition from college into military life brought increasing involvement with advanced weaponry of the Cold War. This odyssey into the shadows of secrecy begins with the assassination of a President, then tells of becoming a Viet Nam era draftee who wore the uniform of a sailor rather than a soldier, then unfolds along paths that wind their way into cryptic, clandestine service as a Top Secret operative for a little known agency of the US Government. This story goes deep into the obscure world of nuclear warheads and secret facilities told as adventures beyond his wildest imagination. From San Diego to Chicago to Albuquerque to Clarksville, then Norfolk and the USS Forrestal and a Med cruise comprise a long remembered H-bomb marathon for the author.

ISBN: 09755358-1-1
Casebound with dust jacket
Illustrated, 262 pages